Outdoor Group Brew at Bolero Snort May 8th

Click here to sign up to attend and bring equipment.

This outdoor brewing session will be part of Bolero Snort's Cowmpetition. This will be a group brewing project, so please sign up to help bring something (or just bring yourself).

Saturday, May 8 - approximate timing:
11:30 AM - Setup
12:00 PM - Start Brewing
4:00 PM - End Brewing
6:00 PM - Area should be cleared

Recipe to be finalized at April 28 meeting. We plan to do either Brew in a Bag or Partial Mash brewing to reduce the amount of equipment and work needed. If you can bring any items on this list, please sign up and give us some details. And of course, we'll be partaking in some Bolero Snort beers while hanging around!

Address: Bolero Snort Brewery, 316 20th St, Carlstadt, NJ 07072