We have a modified date this month due to the holiday's, however JCBC will be meeting in our regular spot at the back of Departed Soles Brewery. Please join us for the Brewers Duel: Kyle Bouchard and Greg Smith are going head-to-head on Cider with Herbs and Spices  (BJCP C2E) with the featured ingredient Ginger. This should be an excellent challenge to put use in the Holiday Spirit. As a reminder, there will be no December meeting. Instead, the Brew Club is invited to the Holiday Party, which

Last year's hop and malt tasting was a fun educational event that let us smell and taste the difference between the ingredients we use. Having isolated ingredients and baselines to compare helps us understand how flavors end up in the final product. This will be very useful for brewers of any skill level, so please join us! Space is limited to 12 this year so please RSVP on facebook [https://www.facebook.com/events/408246756781693/] or email info@jerseycitybrewclub..com [info@jerseycitybrewclu

A few club members have expressed interest in learning to make cheese, so we're going to make some together!  We'll be making either Feta or Mozzarella (tbd), eating some cheese and drinking some wine and beer. Cheesemaking is a science that involves a good amount of patience and work, so having a bit of company will make the process go quicker. We'll also have some fresh whey Ricotta at the end to munch on. Space is limited, so please RSVP on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/events/24706220

JCBC will be meeting in our regular spot at the back of Departed Soles Brewery. Please join us for the Brewers Duel: Dianna and Tommy are going head-to-head on English Barleywine (BJCP 17D) with the featured ingredient Blackberry. Please feel free to bring your own food and homebrew to share. We'll also have pizza for $2/slice

We're in our usual spot, Departed Soles Brewing at 7PM in the back area. At this month's meeting we'll set dates for some upcoming events such as our Big Brew Day bottling (Take two. First attempt didn't go so well), a cheese-making event, and a malt/hop tasting event. We'll also judge this month's brew duel (Tropical Stout with Passionfruit) and sample some delicious homebrews of course. You can bring your own food to Departed Soles, but we will have slices of pizza for $2.

This month's Brew Duel is Lemongrass APA, which should make for an interesting tasting. Bottles from Big Brew Day will be given to everyone in attendance, so make sure to show up if you want your goodies! Let's see if the whiskey barrel-aged blonde ale we brewed together turns out nicely. You can bring your own dinner, or have pizza that will be provided for $2 / slice. Cash, Paypal, and Venmo are accepted. We'll also be discussing: * The upcoming Walking Tour (September 7th. Get tickets now