==== Due to extremely high rate of COVID in NJ, we're cancelling the January meeting. We're hoping to meet up again in February! ==== Our January Meeting will be on a new date and at a new location! We are checking out JSQ Lounge which is directly across the street from the Journal Square PATH Station. They have a rotating selection of craft beer, and their kitchen is re-open with some great food. We will be on the mezzanine in the main room, and if this meeting goes well we may continue meetin

Where: David & Cat's House - by The Beacon (see RSVP for details) When: Saturday 12/4 @ 6PM Our annual (sort of, we missed 2020 due to COVID) holiday party will be held at David & Cat's place on Saturday, December 4 at 7pm. We'll have snacks and beer, and Car & David are setting up heaters and a fire pit in the backyard if you want to hang outside for fresh air. All are welcome to bring homebrew or food to share. Please comment with your RSVP to let us know if you plan to bring beer or food. W

November's meeting will be postponed until the week after Thanksgiving. Our holiday party will be the following weekend. More info to come. Join us on 12/1 at 902 Brewing Co!

Join us for our monthly meeting on Wednesday 10/27 at 7pm at 902 Brewing Co.

September's meeting will be Wednesday 9/22 at 7pm on the rooftop at 902 Brewing Co. We will have guest speakers from Brooklyn Kura sake brewers joining us via Zoom. Our brewer's duel this month is American Brown Ale with Durian!

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 8/25 at 7pm at 902 Brewing Co. Please join us to give input on upcoming events and help us judge this month's brewers duel - Apple Stout between Kendall and Sam Hays!