Board of Directors

President: Nick Miceli

Nick has served as the President of the Jersey City Brew Club since 2019. As a public school teacher, Nick understands how to lead and manage in an organized and sociable way. Combined with his passion for beer, Nick has committed to leading the club to new heights.

Vice President: Eduard Gibert Renart

Eduard is a PhD candidate at Rutgers studying computer science. When not working on his thesis, Eduard has been responsible for coordinating speakers and guests to present at the Brew Club, helping to continue the education of its members.

Secretary: Melanie Adams

Melanie is a former architect turned ambassador for the local distillery, Corgi Spirits. Combining her passion for Beer and Spirits, and her organizational skills, Melanie helps to keep the club business organized and moving smoothly.

Events Coordinator: Kendall Alvarez Eskew

Kendall is the proprietor of the Thirsty Quaker, Jersey Cities local shop for all things home brewing related. Kendall has been responsible for the coordination of events such as the annual Brewery Bus Tour and the Fall Home Brew Walking Tour.

Technology Coordinator: Kyle Hultman

Kyle has been in the technology industry since the 90's, and is currently working to bring the field of Chaos Engineering to the forefront of reliability engineering. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys brewing beers with a "kick", incorporating exotic peppers into his brews. Under Kyle's tenure as Technology Coordinator, he has brought the club an online competitions voting application and a random style generator with Amazon Alexa interface.